I Got the Internship!

Gaslight Creative, a graphic design agency near my apartment in St. Cloud, was looking for a new intern. They decided to hold a poster contest instead of just turning in boring resumes, so I did my best work and applied. They prefaced the “assignment” by saying that the job of a graphic designer is to break an idea down into its simplest form and communicate. So the only criteria for the poster was to use the words “you cannot not communicate.” That was it. I decided to take it a different route because I like to break the rules. And they called me in for an interview! And then I got hired! Two of my classmates also got hired so we will be an intern team. I start tomorrow, I can’t wait!

You Cannot Knot Communicate <<<click here to see my poster design

You can check out Gaslight Creative’s work at their website here!

Hand-Lettered Book Project II

We’ve just finished our second hand-lettered book project, which was creating a hand-lettered calligraphy or blackletter book. I chose to write the calligraphy myself instead of tracing it because I wanted more of an organic look and feel. Although the other traced blackletter designs I’ve seen from other students are incredibly beautiful, I wanted mine to feel more personal. I chose to write a poem by Garcilaso de la Vega, called En tanto que de rosa y azucena, written in the 16th century. I struggled with a few different ideas on how to lay out my book, starting with an unsuccessful accordion book, and ended up writing a scroll on vellum. I wanted to incorporate some illustration as well which I did, but I have yet to finish decorating the drop caps and the border. Here are a few photos of my process and end result.

IMG_0156 IMG_0140


IMG_0143 IMG_0144

Hand-Lettered Book Project I

We have been working on hand-lettering in my package design class, and our first project was to create a book showcasing different hand-lettered fonts, along with the computer created font. I used my favorite art quote, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Here are a couple pics of my end product.

IMG_0116 IMG_0117IMG_0118IMG_0120IMG_0122IMG_0125

Blogging, Once Again

I suppose I will introduce this one by saying that I had already made this blog like 2 years ago and it was filled with sappy teenage angst type of stuff so I DELETED EVERYTHING and recycled the URL! Aren’t I green?

Anyway, I figure that in heading for the graphic design career I have reached the point where I need to start networking with social media. Also I like blogging and I want to share my work with my friends and family and hopefully future bosses and stuff like that. And it would be nice to have a record of all the stuff I’m working on! Because I am a relatively emotional and outspoken person, there will be probably be #personal posts as well. Yolo.