Happy Happy Wednesday

Sometimes I worry that I will never feel as alive and inspired as I do being in art school. I am constantly surrounded by intelligent & self-assured artists who encourage me in every way, and I’m afraid I’ll never get that again after I graduate. Because of this, I’m happy that I still have a year left of school. I am in no way ready to leave yet. I love my teachers and I love each different school of thought they offer.

Today has been a really really great day, I think maybe because I chugged a bunch of coffee before I left for class (which magnifies any emotion I have, in this case happiness) and also my last class was cancelled but really the one class I had, my painting class (which is my favorite) was extra extra awesome today. My professor, Bruce, got off track as usual and started talking about his life and how being an artist is something that you have to protect but nobody can ever take it away from you. He talked about how he went through times having no money and being a pizza boy and a house painter but he was always AND AN ARTIST. He always saved time to work in his studio, he always made sure to HAVE a studio space, he always made sure he was making something. And that’s all you can do, really. Keep the creativity inside of you alive for your whole life and do it forever, no matter what else you’re doing and no matter who tells you it’s not worth it. It is worth it. Sometimes I feel unsure about choosing the art field as a career but I am more and more sure with each passing day that it was the right choice. I can always do something else afterwards if it’s not enough but I will always have the beautiful knowledge of everything I have learned being here and doing this. I feel really happy.

Today is a great day.


Self Portrait Experimentation


That picture i posted of the Biggie piece inspired me to try something like that on my own. I really let go because i knew i was just messing around and trying things out and for that reason i enjoyed it so much more. It ended up looking a lot more like my friend Anna than it does me which is weird, but cool i guess.


I wrote this last Tuesday after seeing this awesome documentary…

I just got home from the screening of Ai Weiwei’s “Never Sorry” documentary at my university. I loved it. It brought to surface so many emotions for me- sadness, disbelief, inspiration, hilarity, pride, thankfulness… the list goes on. The documentary is about a Chinese man, Ai Weiwei who basically says, “fuck you” to China’s political system through art, social media, and documentaries. This is an extremely dangerous thing in China and this man is incredibly brave for standing up and doing what he has done. It is a truly amazing film and I encourage anyone to see it. It’s not just a weird documentary for “art people,” anyone can understand it and appreciate Ai’s personality and attitude. WATCH IT AND BE INSPIRED! Also be thankful that we live in the United States and for the most part this sort of thing wouldn’t have to be fought for.

You can watch the trailer & learn more about the movie here.