I wrote this last Tuesday after seeing this awesome documentary…

I just got home from the screening of Ai Weiwei’s “Never Sorry” documentary at my university. I loved it. It brought to surface so many emotions for me- sadness, disbelief, inspiration, hilarity, pride, thankfulness… the list goes on. The documentary is about a Chinese man, Ai Weiwei who basically says, “fuck you” to China’s political system through art, social media, and documentaries. This is an extremely dangerous thing in China and this man is incredibly brave for standing up and doing what he has done. It is a truly amazing film and I encourage anyone to see it. It’s not just a weird documentary for “art people,” anyone can understand it and appreciate Ai’s personality and attitude. WATCH IT AND BE INSPIRED! Also be thankful that we live in the United States and for the most part this sort of thing wouldn’t have to be fought for.

You can watch the trailer & learn more about the movie here.