Off to a good start



UPDATE: Summer 2013


I worked on this piece a bunch more this summer and totally changed it. I still can’t seem to finish it but I’m pretty happy (and proud, not gonna lie) of where it’s going.  Now I need to take a few months away from it and start working on it again when it feels fresh.



“Critical Views” Project

Sick, Bro
Click on that link and it’ll open a new page to a PDF of the poster I’ve been designing for one of my classes lately. The theme was “Critical Views,” so I chose to create a poster about how people should stop being disgusting and spreading their germs around everywhere because that’s one of my biggest pet peeves, haha. We’re also making postcard versions of our posters and getting them printed at a printing press, which is pretty exciting!


I’m taking a painting class right now that I absolutely love. It’s my favorite class, I think. Except these awful weekly assignments my professor gives us. He knows we hate them. He knows they are awful. He said that if he was in college and he was his professor he would hate himself. And then he said, but they are good for you and you will thank me later. I CANNOT STAND THESE ASSIGNMENTS. I dread doing them every week. On Wednesday he gives us the theme, this week was “something shiny,” and we have to set up a still life that fits the theme and paint it for two hours, no less, no more. When the two hours are up you put your paintbrush down, wherever you are, and you’re done. They are due every monday. Sounds easy. Right?

For me, WRONG. I don’t know if it’s the timed aspect, the painting from real life aspect, or.. what, but I cannot seem to produce a halfway decent painting out of these assignments. I get so frustrated at an hour that I usually can’t even make it to two hours. This time I went an hour and fifteen minutes and then I hated it so much that I painted a fart bubble coming out of the toaster. My professor said that if something is ever really awful that you should just draw a fart coming out of it and then it will be better.


I just don’t get it though, I can paint things pretty well if I’m drawing from photos! Maybe I just freak myself out. Maybe I am only good at copying things. Anyway here is a picture of what I did, you can see for yourself that it is awful and disproportional and totally wrong in every way. Am I being too mean to myself? Should I not critique my work this much? Ugh. Whatever. It actually looks a lot better in a photo than it did before. Hmm. Maybe it’s not THAT bad. See what I do to myself!?!!?